Ton, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

After a nice start going downhill at the trail we did yesterday I got out of gas, only after 100 km! Shit, bad news, my bike really doesn't like heights. We decide to ride along lake Issyk-Kul instead of taking the 4000 meter mountain pass and off-road trail to song-kol lake. Another reason to go to Bishkek fast is that we received the authorisation code to pick up our Iranian visa. Right on time! The lake and scenery again are incredibly beautiful, unfortunately with this bike not running smooth I don't feel like shooting a lot of pictures and it's also getting really hot. Temperature differences are also insane. Merijns getting a flat tyre which we repair surrounded by a lot of nice girls who like to play on my bike. Later a drunk old guy comes who's laughing his ass off all the time. After a while I understand why, while Merijn is putting a lot of effort in his work, there seems to be a tyre repair shop just some meters across the street. Well, too late now. After we bought some beer and try to find a nice campsite, my bike is losing power and switching off after a few kilometres again and again and Merijns tyre gets flat again..... We decide to call it a day, pitch our tent, have a beer and see again tomorrow.
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