Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

After a long hot ride we are welcomed by Coen and Marijke in Bishkek again. Feels like coming home. They have done other Dutch visitors who came here by car. Only thing that's lacking are the bitterballs. Instead we visit a nice Indian restaurant and we have a good night. Next day we pick up our Iranian visa which goes really quick and smooth and we even get a really sweet welcoming card from the consul. (While I read that the Netherlands are thinking about sending a fregat......grrr). At the end of the dat we try to apply at the Turkmenistan embassy for a transit visa. It's at the outskirts of town and you don't get further than a small window in the wall. It says something about the openness of the country. Unfortunately we don't have all the papers and copies ready so come back tomorrow.
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