Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

Another day of surreal beautiful riding through mountains and valleys. It was actually a bonus to find another road as this is maybe even more beautiful than yesterday! After a long day we found the lake. During the ride we cross herds of horses, cows, sheep and even yaks. The while country send to be wild and unspoiled. I'm still impressed by the serene beauty of it I nearly have to cry. At the lake we decided to stay in a yurt with a very friendly nomad family. Mairabek, Elmira and their 11 year old son Urik. It gives us a little peek into their lives. As it is cold in the night we're happy in our yurt with thick blankets and a stove. Also we have to try kumiz for the first time, fermented mare milk. I don't like it so much, is fresh, fizzy and sour with a slight smokey taste. Merijn drinks my cup as well, seems to get a taste for it and makes his father very proud.
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