Chui, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

Finally saying goodbye to Bishkek, Coen and Karin-Marijke who were wonderful hosts with lots of stories to share, coffee and "gezelligheid". With all paperwork sorted out head out to Song Lol, a lake at 3000 metres. Excited to see if the bikes hold out. With extra canisters for fuel we find a cycle track to the top and give it a try. It's very beautiful and challenging but not too hard. The bikes perform well and or his are back up high. Only at the last pass we find out that the last 100 metres are blocked by ice and snow. What a pity! We turn around and head back to find a campsite in the valley. Luckily that's very easy here in kirgistan 😃 we even find since warm beer which we can cool in one of the many rivers. Tomorrow try another route to get up to the lake!
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  2. Dictatour 2019
  3. Chui