Osh [City], Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

Osh! Gateway of the Pamir highway. We're still a bit of off-road babuschkas, but these three days definitely add to our skills and overcoming our fears. Actually this is why we chose these bikes and they're definitely up to the job. We're hovering between big smiles and exhaustion, but that's mainly because of the heat. As we make our last stop before Osh to drink something we get invited for tea by the shop lady, Jamila who's just a year older and has six children. She's a funny lady who would like to swap husbands 😄. We experience some proper Kyrgyz hospitality and a new drink, djarma, a kind of kumiz with Brinta. Again Merijn gulps away two bowls which makes him off course even more attractive. We meet up with Kim, a brave Belgian solo-traveler I'm in contact with for a while to see if we can do part of the Pamir together. She also had some bike troubles and is changing plans all the time. Anyway, we had a nice evening and maybe meet up Saturday at the world nomad games just before the border of Tajikistan. We need some days to get the bikes ready, new tyres for me and some minor things to check and replace. Meanwhile we visit the bazaar and restore some energy for the coming stretch, the famous Pamir highway, the roof of the world
  1. ElsPlofhoek
  2. Dictatour 2019
  3. Osh [City]