Murghob, Tajikistan - Polarsteps

Did I tell you already how insanely beautiful it is here? The opening picture at our website, that's what I see at every turn. Blue mountains, lush green, ice capped, brown and red and multicoloured. I can't take it anymore. The border was easy and the dirtroad between the two countries, some 20 kilometer, can be very muddy. Today it was dry, luckily, otherwise I think we would have a hard time. We see quite some other bikers and cyclers. The latter I think are crazy. At 4000 meters is even hard to breath when I turn around in my sleeping bag at night. After a while the road goes down to a turkois lake surrounded by powder sugared mountains. Wow! I think it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I nearly have to cry. There's a small village at the lake: Karakul. We try to get some shoppings but they don't have much. Some funghi bread and expensive beer. People are very friendly and of course they like us to stay in their home-stays. It's amazing people even live out here. It's so remote and harsh. I don't even see cattle anymore. Well, I also wouldn't know what they would eat....
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