Murghob, Tajikistan - Polarsteps

We continue our trip on the Pamir highway. Yesterday we rode long time along the Chinese border, tomorrow we will hit the wakhan valley along Afghanistan. What a region it is here. We're also not far from Gilgit, Pakistan. Where we ride the karokorum highway in 2010. I also loved that stretch and still see it as one of the highlights of our trip then. We stop at Murghab, one of the few bigger towns at the Pamir, to get fuel and do some shopping at the bazaar. There's a nice atmosphere and we get some veggies, bread and oatmeal. Things that are not so common as one would expect. Water we filtered at a river, that's no problem, water is always available. Streams, lakes or pumps in a village. Petrol is a thing to keep an eye on. Distances between pumps are sometimes far and quality not always good, 80 octane, but till now we manage. And we are capable of taking 50 liters with us now, since we are afraid of high fuel consumption hahahaha. Actually the bikes are doing quite well. We pass a salt lake and take a dirtroad for a detour across a lake and end up at a very remote area at a river and a geyser. Wow! One of the most beautiful spots we've been till now. By the way, at this height temperatures drop quickly when the sun gets down. The sun is strong but even in the daytime we wear quite a lot of clothes. Night is going to be chilly.....
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