Sari, Iran - Polarsteps

Start to get into it. So many nice encounters and different this time is the complaints about the mullahs in charge. More and more people are ready for a change. Women approach me about riding a motorcycle, which is (just as cycling) forbidden for women in Iran. But there are wrinkles on the water..... We ride through the mountains on a very steep dirttrack, which is again another level of offroading. We wanted to visit a salt lake at the desert on the other side but in this heat it's no fun, so back to the mountains. In between we find a very beautiful, deep green lake with nearly anyone around so I have an illegal swim in singlet, panties and with improvised headscarf 😁 great!Camped at a lake and got invited to drink tea, stay in a hotel and more. But we chose to be by ourselves. The caretakers of the picknick area came to check upon us and offers again to stay in the cabin. But we are fine, till we see some glowing eyes of an unknown big mammal in the dark..... Dog or wolf? Another restless night in the tent
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