Fuman, Iran - Polarsteps

We've visited the Caspian sea once more and dipped or toes. The Iranians dip fully dressed, feels weird to be at the beach like that. We ride through rice fields, tea plantation and dense forest before we have a steep climb of a thousand steps to the rudkhan castle. Together with hundreds Iranian tourists. The castle was built in Sassanid times as defence against the Arab invaders and is still very much in tact. It was an excausting, very sweaty climb but worth the effort. On the way there where a lot of stalls with food, tea and all kinds of sweets you could buy. Iranians are a jolly folk who enjoy life, at least the middle class we meet up here all the time. They eat, sing, dance and socialize a lot. On the way back it started to rain and we end up at a real Iranian picknick/camp place. Although it's very crowded all the time is also really fun to join the Iranian holiday caravan..... We meet people from all over Iran and of course they all wish us welcome, take selfies and invite us for everything. No magnificent mosaic buildings and bustling city life this time in Iran but go with the flow and go where they like to go.
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