Rudsar, Iran - Polarsteps

We stayed two more days at Gilesboom. We wanted to have a walk in the jungle which is very special. These forests are about the only ones who survived the ice age because of the warm and moist climate. But we are very lazy and it's still too hot and humid. In the evening we visit local couple who tries to save some handicrafts, making felt and weaving in a typical style for this region, Gillan province. In the night Merijn gets sick, first time this trip, and we decided to hang around another day. A new traveler is joining us. A very vivid and jolly women from New Zealand. She travels 6 months solo every year before she has to go home, otherwise her pension stops. She hikes and does long cycletrips and she's 82!!!! Wow, I hope I can live like that when I'm that old.
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