Agarak, Iran - Polarsteps

Today we woke up in the fog on a mountain plateau, but while we are packing and having breakfast it clears up. We have a beautiful walk to babak's castle and we are alone! Even the shopkeeper is not there yet! When we go down first Iranian tourists arrive. We have a beautiful ride along the Azerbaijan border, Nagorno-karabach a conflict zone with abandoned villages. But the valley itself is beautiful, following the winding river in a lush, green valley amidst rough mountain ranges. We visit an old village and arrived late afternoon at the Armenian border. With a mixture of melancholy leaving Iran and excitement to enter Armenia we go through the procedures. It's dark already when we're done and decide to check into a hostel nearby. My GPS is confused and we circle around a Russian military base when a really angry man in an expensive car orders us to stop and wants to see our passports. We're not supposed to be there and he orders us to follow him. So again we get escorted, this time into the country by a military boss. Ha ha ha good entrance!
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