Kapan, Armenia - Polarsteps

Armenistan: Soviet feel, ladas, bukankas, alcohol again, t-shirt and wind in my hair. People are friendly but are a bit stiff and cold compared with Iranians. Riding through green forest mountains with autumn colouring Oak trees. I am a bit shocked about the poverty in this country, at least it looks really poor. Village houses look more like sheds. We find a very nice eco camping near Kapan, an ugly run down industrial mining city, which didn't change after Soviet collapse. At the campsite, which is actually a permaculture project, there are some very nice volunteers from Poland, UK and Spain which makes us immediately feel at home with like minded people. We cook together and have interesting talks over a beer. Next day we chill and meet the owner Armen who's practically blind but created this place and spend last three years creating trails in the mountains which cover 90 km. He's an inspiring man with interesting views on the future of Armenia.
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