Yerevan, Armenia - Polarsteps

We stay two days in Yerevan walking through the city which is full of pink Soviet buildings (volcanic tuf rock). We visit the genocide museum and the historical centre from the 17th century which looks more like a slum and is crumbling away. It's a pity but kind of characteristic for this country with its collective wounded soul. Feeling proud and trying to preserve its history and identity without any means or vision. A country of three million inhabitants and ten million in its diaspora due to the atrocities in the past. Friends with the US, Russia and Iran a remarkable combination. No statue of Lenin here, but of mother Armenia who replaced Stalin in 1967 and pointing her sword to Turkey. (Stalin by the way killing one man and wounded some others while taking him down) We learn a lot from Anke, an old American friend, who is here to study the use and methods of teaching of the (west)Armenian language and is therefore interviewing a lot of Armenians here and in the diaspora. And we just have a good time hang out together, chatting, eating and drinking at the many terraces here.
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