Goght, Armenia - Polarsteps

When we want to leave Yerevan, Merijn discovers a flat tire. So first fix it, then have a look at mother Armenia and ride to the Geghard monastery only to find out that they moved the spear which pierced Jesus. Damn! That would have been a really nice relic to add to the list. By the way just like the wooden piece of the ark which the also moved haha. Well honestly the Geghard is also a beautiful, again dark, monastery and seemingly a good wedding location as we witness three couples. Spend the night at a Dutch campsite 3G's which is really luxurious and we meet some other people. Heavy rain and thunder in the night but it doesn't bother us and we have a good night sleep.
  1. ElsPlofhoek
  2. Dictatour 2019
  3. Goght