Gelibolu, Turkey - Polarsteps

As the people at the garage are trying to find spare parts for us we are weighing our options. As always it's just a matter of time and money. 1. Getting the bike fixed if it's possible within a few days at a fair price (very much preferable) 2. Dispose the bike here in Turkey, with pain in the heart. But also not easy to get the right papers for customs, avoiding import costs and other costly difficulties returning home without a bike. 3. Put the bike together again without repair and transport it to Bulgaria motocamp which was or initial end goal. At least the bike is in Europe and we have a few months to think of solutions before we come back to pick it up.... Hopefully we get a satisfying answer in the morning. Meanwhile we walked through this charming little seaside town, payed a visit at the museum (which was quite useless, we learned nothing about this WWI battle) and have some laundry done. What we did learn is that it's a nice town and people are very helpful. And they drink lots of tea...... It's funny to say but actually it's more enjoyable to be in a normal town being part of daily life and have some mission than spent days at the beach.
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