Acatenango, Guatemala - Polarsteps

Today I went on top of the Acatenango Volcano. The hike took in total 6 hours, we split it up in two days. The first day we hiked for 4,5 hours and the next day we hiked 1,5 hours. It was amazing and beautiful. The second day we started just before sunrise to see the sun coming up during hiking. It's a ones in a lifetime experience! It was amazing! During the hike we saw all kinds of little mud houses. The only annoying thing was, during the trip 3 people got into a fight. One was protestant, one was catholic and the other one was an indigenous Mayan. They were all like, I am correct, no, I am correct. It was really childish to be honest. But thankfully that only took 45 minutes and then they left each other alone. It was an amazing trip! Definitely worth it!
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