Krabi, Thailand - Polarsteps

We finally made it to Tonsai, the climbing paradise per nature, huge cliffs on good quality limestone, nice view and friendly chill atmosphere. We are climbing a lot , and it showed some result for Attie that progressing day by day (Oli is just getting back to his level^^). For more than a week, we are discovering the crags of the area, sometime one crag for the morning, another one for the afternoon, one if it's rainy, this one for the practice leading, and that one for multi-pitch... We wanted to stay in a crag that like since we started traveling, so worth spending time here to really see the evolution in our practice and it's probably the first time we stay somewhere long enough even thought we are not working^^ Except one resort that move all the smaller shop behind a wall they lift it up, 800meter back into the forest, Tonsai is not really touristy (except climbers!), but a bit further Railay is sold as a diamand of the Andaman sea and everyone want to take a look. The big corroded tractor is to grab the tourist from their boat at low tide and bring them to their resort in front of the beach, it's funny because they is no access road, but even no road at all in this part of the peninsula! And yes the temple into the cave is for fertility so all the wooden stick are dicks...
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