Sydney Airport, Australia - Polarsteps

I have officially landed safe and sound in my new favourite place, AUSTRALIA!!! I would be lying if I said the process of getting here was smooth... literally, turbulence pretty much the entire time. We ended up taking off very late. I was okay with the delay until the lady in front of be reclined her seat, ruining my lovely nap on the tray top table. Oh well... I caught some Zzz's once we were up in the air and 6 movies later we touched down! Customs was a breeze... slightly concerned that we bypassed the actual customs by accident but decided it was their fault for having confusing signs... After collecting our luggage and regretting the amount of shit I brought half way across the world with me, mission payphone began. So after about 3 minutes of A. searching for said pay phone B. struggling to use pay phone with foreign coins and C. being laughed at by locals, I decided to talk to a Kiosk man whom thankfully just handed me his iPhone so I could call the shuttle!!! I just can't help but smile like a goof for many reasons including Aussie accents and the plethora of kind individuals. Walking outside the airport felt precisely like stepping into my fav Bikram Yoga class back in good ol Burly, the sweat was practically immediate. We took the shuttle through the city to a couple different stops before landing at Jolly Swagman's, a bright and colorful backpacker's resort. We haven't hung out here much since we had to leave to bring our suitcases for the semester to a storage place. I swear every Aussie I meet is nicer than the next! The storage man was hilarious, his name was Rhupert. He planned out our entire day for tomorrow with all his "must see" Sydney destinations. Even though we haven't slept in about 30 hours, we are getting ready for a pub crawl, first night out! WEOO!!
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