Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk, Australia - Polarsteps

After a lengthy walk/bus from Paddington, we arrived at Bronte Beach. It was unreal. small beach in a cove surrounded by huge cliffs. I ate a salad which was out of this world yumm to fuel the coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi. Have concluded that 99.9% of australians are fit as f. Along the way we watched some surfers and encouraged them from afar. On the way back to Jolly Swagman's we made a pit stop at a health food store so I could get some almond butter and maybe a snack. I then dropped the $14 jar of almond butter, had to pay for 75% of that. Also grabbed by favorite cashew ice cream and some hummus. The ice cream was very freezer burnt and the hummus was soup... Not the best luck for the vegan so far. Then we went into Happy Travels to look at options for tours up the coast. A lovely gentleman named Daniel from Alberta helped us choose a bunch of different activities for Cairns, we decided to sleep on it and make final decisions in the morning. Daniel and his Scottish co-worker Chris invited us out later on at the World Bar and Kings Cross hotel. I then decided to consume an entire bottle of wine pregame, along with an $18 "tea pot" of long island ice tea (I was unaware that long island ice tea only came in a tea pot!!!!).We danced a bunch and decided we are too short Sydney... Why is everyone so dang tall???
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