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Our last day in Sydney!! Our bus wasn't until 11 PM so we had a lot of time to fill. A day which we thought was going to be lazy and slightly boring ended up being oodles of fun and SO many good laughs.. - first stop, Happy Travels. Hung out with my fav Canadian man Daniel and dropped some $$$ on a bunch of activities up the coast. We decided on surfing lessons, snorkeling off of a speedboat raft thing in the Whitsunday Islands, Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Rainforest bungee swing, waterfall hike to Milla Milla (including hair flip photo, google Pantene hair flip) and last but not least... SKY DIVING. I really thought I wasn't going to. But Cairns has the best prices for it and I couldn't let Zac do it alone. Pretty much already sweatin bout that one. SO much to look forward to! - Next stop... CBD storage! Jolly's kicked us out of the hostel at 9 and obvs we didn't want to carry our huge backpacks around the city all day so we visited Rupert again. He was happy to see us and gave us a storage locker for the day FOR FREE because we are his fav American ladies. Starting to think of him as our Australian father. Who would have thought the owner of a storage company in the middle of the city would be such an amazing guy. Pretty much everything we have done thus far has been his recommendation by scribbling all over our Sydney map - strolled through some markets in the Rocks district. got gelato/sorbet. went to the opera house for more wifi (lol). got an email from Jollys: Emily's phone had been turned in to the front desk by the shuttle bus driver!!! we really thought it was a goner. - the Botanical Gardens are directly in between the Opera house and Jollys. As we started our trek to get the phone, behold.... a shiny choo choo train!!!! we coughed up $5 to jump on the choo choo train tour for a ride to the other side of the garden. we met a lovely 7 year old, Alex. He is going into grade 2, likes painting and creative stuff The rest of the day just got more ridiculous... here is what happened - belched in front of attractive Aussie man, he said it was a good one - spent $14 on sweet potato fries (accidentally) which ended up making me sick, ha - watched the sunset next to a dead fish - explored an art exhibit consisting of GIGANTIC cardboard buildings - met a couple cockroach friends at storage unit - proceeded to change into bus clothes, then remembered the Rupert has surveillance cameras which are on screen in his office.. hope he doesn't check his night footage because I may have done a naked lap.. - with one large pack on the pack and day pack on the front we were off to Central Station! See ya in a few weeks Sydney :-)
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