Angourie, Australia - Polarsteps

Hopped on a bus for 20 mins, south of Yamba to Angourie. Almost left my go pro on the bench of the bus stop. I am officially so scatter brained. But I jumped off last minute and grabbed it. Thank goodness!!! This is why I shouldn't have nice things. Anyways. After a short jungle walk we arrived at the blue and green fresh water pools, right next to the ocean shore. It was stunning! After sizing up the cliffs and having a 10 minute pep talk, Em took the first jump in from the smaller cliff. The size wasn't the scary part at first, it was the concept of the blue pool and the potential wildlife lurking in the waters.. She jumped in with little hesitation. I was so proud!!!! Kudos to her for going first. Z and I followed. Then we moved up to the biggie cliff. One of my fav memories so far. We spent a bit too long at the pools considering it was already 6 PM when we arrived and had an hour long walk back. It ended up taking over an hour and a half to walk back and we were rushing because it was getting dark. The walk was through some thick forest. 20 mosquito bites later we arrived safely back at the Yamba YHA at 9:30. Had the best sleep yet. Ready for Byron today!!!!
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