Byron Bay, Australia - Polarsteps

I knew I would love Byron Bay before I even step foot off the bus. We passed an integrative medicine office and two yoga studios on the way to the bus stop. Our hostel, Cape Byron YHA (a converted motel, w/ a dope pool) was a few minutes walk from the bus stop. At the front desk we soon realized that Zacadia booked her two nights at the other YHA hostel in Byron, but of course they gave her an almost full refund. We immediately hopped in the van with the owner, Todd, for a lighthouse walking tour. I thought this would be a pretty short little walk around the lighthouse on the coast, nope! It was so much more than that. First off, Todd is the funniest Aussie man yet. I mean he might even beat Rupert. We first hiked for about an hour (uphill) to a beautiful look out spot. We saw a Wallaby on the way up!! It's a small kangaroo that lives in the forest. Oh my I loved him so much. The next part of the tour took place all along the top of the ridge and up to the lighthouse. We saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, sting rays and a giant mana ray from up on the coastal cliff. Todd told us literally everything we would ever need to know about the area. Including where to look for a husband/wife (the beach with the 15 million dollar mansions!!! Lol). The free walking tour was beyond what I ever expected and I feel so grateful that Todd showed us around. We had such a good time and saw so much wildlife that he decided he needs to charge us: we have to write a trip advisor review and say he is a legend. Met our new roomie.. His name is Jim. And he is at least 50 years old. He is a nice fella. Just sorta of an odd arrangement. He is Australian and a free diver, apparently he can hold his breath for 2 minutes. He invited us along to snorkel with him. Went to the hostel's barbecue and ate a delicious veggie burg with a few ciders. The strong sun has really got me pooped. Also red as a tomato!!! Whoops. Need to invest in a new sunscreen.
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