Skennars Head, Australia - Polarsteps

Today was siiiiiiick. After some confusion with our booking for surf lessons (cough cough Daniel), we hopped on the stoked surf camp bus to flat rock beach with a couple instructors and about 10 others from Germany, England and Sweden. On the way we did name introductions on the loud speaker along with a joke or pick up line. It felt so summer campy, I got a wee bit emotional thinking about my summer ahead with out my Arrowhead family. I told the ten-tickles joke. Never gets old. After arriving we put on our little rashies, we grabbed our boards and headed to the beach!!! Rodrigo (instructor from Brazil) gave us a mini land lesson first. Claire Christie gave me great tips the first time I surfed :P but it was cool hearing it from Rodrigo. Mostly because he is exactly what you picture a Brazilian surf instructor to be. Laid back, hilarious and mucho caliente. Zacadia decided Hozier wrote his song "Someone New" about me considering I fall for any boy with a tan and accent. After one wave of falling on my face I stood right up and rode the wave to the shore! It felt dang good. Z and Em did great as well!! Bought a dope Stoked Surf School t-shirt and picked up the access code to see all the pics online super soon. My face has decided to burn MORE. Sunscreen just doesn't cut it here. Got a free dinner and drink coupon for Cheeky Monkey's tonight so that's next on the agenda. Missing my fam and friends at home and in Vermont/ Canada. Shout out to you guys whom are reading this. Love you so so much xo Update: free food voucher was for a sorta raunchy bar (hostess was wearing a bikini and the event of the night was wet t-shirt contest...) we opted for Mexican. It was sorta like chipotle. Finally got the guac I was craving. Guess who just happened to be at the same place... Our good ol roomie Jim! He sat with us and told us about Surfers Paradise (our next stop). Found out he is a fruit and veggie picker which is neat-o Another update... Rodrigo (the dreamboat surf instructor) is on Instagram as well as ITUNES. he is a singer songwriting... Jeeze Louise someone catch me
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