Surfers Paradise, Australia - Polarsteps

Took a quick trip to the Byron Bay farmer's market before boarding the greyhound to Surfer's Paradise. I was feelin' pretty sad leaving. Byron was amazing. I can really see myself living there one day (sorry mom), two days was not enough! After a long, HOT bus ride we arrived in Surfer's. I think I had the wrong idea about what this town was. I had no idea that it is known as the "Las Vegas" of Australia and reminded me a lot of Florida. I guess I should have looked into it more when planning the trip.. Well anyways, I think I did just what you are supposed to do in Surfer's. We ended up being in a pretty party oriented hostel right by the beach. Night One: decided to pre-game with other peeps in the hostel. Met 3 Canadian guys that are traveling the coast before they study aboard together in Sydney and played some pong. The night got a little out of hand for me after a bottle of wine on top of not enough food... but it was fun.. I think. When in Vegas?? Day two: while walking back from the beach, we met a guy named Hayden Leslie Whores (no joke) who is quite the salesman and played the classic flirting game to try and sell us tickets. For some reason it worked and he even walked with us to find an ATM. The next thing I knew I was signed up for a Club Crawl.... 4 clubs, 4 drinks, all covers included. It was a pretty good deal and there was really nothing else to do in this weird town. Highlights of the club crawl: - Zacadia meets her dream Aussie boy within the first 25 minutes whom she will never see ever again though she is hopeful fate helps her out - Becky (lanky, very drunk girl doing cartwheels) - One man lifts up Emily and I at the same time on the dance floor.. - Z gets her foot stomped on by Macarena boy - Dancing our buns off - Trying to figure out if the club we are in is actually a stripclub
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