Queensland, Australia - Polarsteps

Fraser Day 3: Again, wilderness lodge was not the comfiest but that's ok cuz it ain't about sleep. Ate some muesli and watermelon before taking off in the giant 4 wheel bus. First stop was to a beautiful lake called Birraben. Blew up some paddleboards at the bus and had to carry them down a fairly long path to the lake. It felt portage like so naturally I tried to put the board on my head and carry it that way. Well I ended up almost knocking Ingrid in the face and kinking my neck preeeeetty bad. Davy to the rescue. He picked up the board, put me on his shoulder (literally) and away we went. What a legend. Zacadia got swept away by the winds to the opposite side of the lake. Now that I officially got my swimming level 8 at camp this summer, I felt confident enough to go save her. Em and I swam out and helped her slash tipped the board. Spent the rest of the time listening to Davy's outrageous storied which no one is ever sure if they are actually true or not. After lunch we headed to the "Walk of Death". He told us about his on the first day, we had been scared of it ever since. Of course the sun broke through and the temperature started climbing as soon as we started. We hiked up hill on loose sand hiking trails. The "death" part of the trail was actually a nice workout and the rest was pretty leisurely. BUT you had to be careful for two reasons: falling trees... and MASSIVE spiders who conveniently make their webs across the trail for some unlucky dude to walk into. They spew venom and can leap on to your face.... Great!!! The hike had the best surprise waiting at the end. It looked a lot like a giant sand dune but after a few more steps, you could see Wabby lake, in all its glory. The lake was full of lil fishies which suck on you once you stand still. It tickled and sorta freaked me out! Davy said they love the nipples, his was sore for 3 days after.. Also he tried to get them to go up his pants with no luck 😳😂. We were v sad to board the ferry and head off the island. But a shower and hostel bed were sounding pretty good. A storm was a brewing when we got back to Hervey Bay. Just as I put my clothes in the washer, the lights shut out. Me, alone, in the dark, in a creepy laundry room... I started to panic a bit. I was able to get my clothes out and run back to our room before the storm literally went crazy. So the night ended in the three of us sitting around my head lamp light eating the last of our snacks for dinner. Good times, good times. Wishing for power real soon cuz I really, really need that shower..
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