Queensland, Australia - Polarsteps

Fraser Day 2: Okay. So my sleep was sorta terrible.. Woke up numerous times either terrified that one of the brain damaging spiders was in my sheets or having to pee from the amount of water and cider that I consumed. Davy bought us two pitchers and I couldn't let that go to waste, obvs. Day two has pretty darn successful and I am freaking pooped right now (only 10:30 pm). Got on the bus, late because Davy had to change a flat tire. Em and I took the very back seat while Z went up front in the passengers seat. Found out the back is perfect if you want to literally get air off every small sand pile. First stop: greeted by two schnazy pilots in goofy uniforms while cruising down 75 mile beach. Basically they were there to give us an optional joy ride over the island in their lil planes. Pretty much everyone wanted to so we jumped off the bus and 7 people at a time, we went up and saw Fraser Island from above. It's freakin massive. It's covered mostly by thick, dense rainforest but spotted with massive sand dunes and fresh water lakes. The plane itself gave me a bit of anxiety because all I could think about was how the heck Im going to build up the courage to freakin jump out of one in ONE WEEK.... It was insanely beautiful though and very much worth the extra pocket change Stop 2 was the Mahoney (might be wrong) ship wreck. Basically a giant buncha rusted, deteriorating metal that used to be a super fancy vessel. Davy told us the whole story bout it but if you wanna know your just gonna have to ask me cuz I ain't gonna type that out Stop 3 was Indian Head. A point that juts out into the ocean. We all hiked up it. Took some pics. Some selfies/groupies with Davy and friends. And headed back down Stop 4 was the Champagne Pools! Mmmmmm so amazing. Basically there are some rocks a bit out from shore and when the waves come in and hit them, all the white foam and bubbles collect on the inside creating a pool, jacuzzi type thing. Sorta hard to explain but it was a really cool spot After a super quick look at some of the oxidized rock structures called the pinnacles, we had our last stop at Eli's Creek. Floated down the creek in the rain on an inner tube. Loved every minute of it. You know that spider I was telling you about????... WELL I SAW IT. Not sure if it was exactly the brain damaging one but man was it large and in charge and I'm sure it could mess up a brain if it wanted to Took the bus back to the resort while jammin go Davy's groovy tunes. Ate dinner, socialized a bit with a few wiggly pops and now we are hittin the hay to be ready for Day 3. Bring it oooon
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