Hervey Bay, Australia - Polarsteps

Woke up in a sweaty mess at 4 AM to the power coming back on. After a celebratory fist pump, we fell back asleep. Okay so I'm not the biggest diva ever, but ya know sometimes you just need a lil bit of air conditioning to get your body temp back to normal. After 3 days on Fraser and not being able to shower when we got back, I was just feeling so nasty. Em got a bit sun sick and Z has giant swelling bites on her legs. We're just a suuuper lovely bunch of coconuts right now. We don't catch the bus until 5 PM so we caught up on all things Internet related in the lounge for a few hours. After feeling way too socially connected Em and I went for a walk to a cafe for lunch. As I am waiting for the bus and being the watcher of bags while everyone else shops, imma tell you some stuff.. - Australians do not understand iced coffee. To them, iced coffee is basically a root beer float but with coffee.. Like a dessert. Usually the solution is to give me a watered down expresso shot on ice, which honestly isn't terrible but they always look at me like I have 3 eyes when I order one - almond butter?? Nope - bagels?? Nope - do you like your pancakes or waffles pre-made in a bag on the shelf next to the bread? They got you covered - they like to grill cheese. Not like a grilled cheese sandwich (a "toastie"). It's called halloumi and it's a slice of cheese that is grilled.. - vegemite is gnarly but they seem to love it. Davey quote: "don't get the penis butter in the vagamite.." - cantaloupe = rock melon - I saw my first kangaroo in the wild!!! On the shuttle back to our hostel in Hervey Bay, we passed a field and there was a roo dude j chillen, staring at the road. After seeing it I contemplated if it was a statue. Because in the states they have those fake deer ones that always catch ya off guard, maybe it was just an Australian lawn ornament?? I'm gonna still say it was real, it just sorta felt too cool to be real life I guess - saw only one dingo while on the Cool Dingo Tour on the island of dingos aka Fraser. All I could do is point and say dingo, dingo, dingo!!! Cuz it was day three and still hadn't seen one. Wanted to throw him one of my Nola bars, he looked so malnourished 😢 - learned a new drinking game: take a wine box, cut it in half, you have to pick up the box from the floor using only your teeth, hands behind back and knees cannot touch the floor, once everyone goes the box gets cut down! So fun and very challenging.. - been a solid 24 hours without Davy in my life and I miss him bunches. He is anti internet so we can't even be social buddies. Crazy how much I learned from this hairy man in 3 days.. Such a good soul and one hell of a legend Anyways, there's my bus rant. Only 14 hours to go!!! The whitsunday islands are waiting for us 🙂
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