Airlie Beach, Australia - Polarsteps

Snagged the front front seat of the bus. I mean I felt like I was driving the damn thing I was so close, especially since I was on the right side... still getting used to that! 15 hours of bus may sound like the most dreadful thing ever but I promise you, it ain't that bad. Drove through some crazy storms which kept it interesting. Popped a dramamine and passed out SO hard. Super props to the driver whom drove the whole thing in his soaking wet clothes after loading baggage in Agnes Water. Also props to his killer throwback tunes, including the cha cha slide (participated) and nelly furtado ft. timberland. Pulled into Airlie Beach around 7:30 AM. Today had to be the hottest we have experienced yet!! My snapchat said 98 F at one point in the day. You can imagine our relief discovering the hostel room was air conditioned :) turns out our roomie was a friend from back in Byron Bay which was neato. Dragged ourselves out of our cool room and went to the "lagoon". Man made pool which they try to sell as the ocean. The sun had turned it into a giant jacuzzi but it was still a good time. Airlie beach has one small beach, it has nets but a bad rep for casually having very very dangerous jellies float through.. Lagoon is it !!
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