Townsville City, Australia - Polarsteps

Hello friends. Somehow this trip is almost over and it's really givin me the feels. But no need to feel somber about it considering Cairns is going to be legit. Got on the bus this morning for 5 hours to Townsville. As we get further north the heat gets more and more intense. Its the kind of heat where even if your not moving, your gonna sweat. We have been looking forward to this stay because we are staying in a "diva hostel" or basically a low cost resort for backpackers whom want to be "glampackers". It was like the other hostels but very clean and esthetically pleasing. The pool area was dope, with a bar and comfy seating. After struggling to register for classes and ultimately failing (Melbourne's system isn't very simple/user friendly). Played a rather aggressive game of pool volleyball and then water polo with peeps. Shit is hard when the water goes up to your chin 😳. The rest of the night was pretty rejuvenating. Had two glasses of wine and a mojito which put me right to sleep. Getting on the 6:45 AM bus to Cairns. LAST GREYHOUND TRIP 😢😢😢😢
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