Cairns, Australia - Polarsteps

I'm going to write about today in list form in order to not waste time and try to spit it all out quickly: - got on our LAST greyhound bus ever to Cairns (don't pronounce the R or Zacadia will get v heated) - ran to Gilligan's backpacker's resort in the 95 degree weather (more on this place later) - got picked up by AJ Hackett Bungy - swung through the wilderness at 120 km/hr!!!! - contemplated the bungee for a solid 30 minutes - ate veggie dumplings at Tokyo Dumpling - bought $40 worth of groceries 🙄 - back to Gilligan's. Checked into my room. Couldn't be placed with z and Em. But I was placed with potentially the messiest, rudiest German girly party girls - got room switched. Full of the loveliest ladies from Sweden and Delaware - went down for a drink at the bar. Realized phone was gone. Back to Tokyo Dumpling I go - phone returned safe and sound - listened to some live music and had some drinks before bed, off early to the rainforest in da morn!!
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