Millaa Millaa, Australia - Polarsteps

Prepare for a rather lengthy post.. Today was one heck of a day. Woke up at Gilligan's... Alright let's talk about this place. We were going to NOT stay here because of exactly what it is: a shit show. Good ol Daniel at Happy Travels said we MUST. Why are these salesmen always so freakin convincing?? It has two clubs attached, wet t shirt contest, jelly wrestling (???), live DJs and any other amenity you would expect from a party hostel.. Though this freaked me out a bit at first, it's actually a really fun place and the drinks are super cheap which is a bonus! Woke up super early for our 8 am - 8 pm rainforest adventure with Uncle Brian's. When the bus arrived it was not Uncle Brian driving but a lad named Cousin Brad. At first we were a bit freaked out by Brad, a lanky man with facial hair and a long greasy ponytail, not because of his looks but because he was being super weird and his sense of humor was very... Odd?? He just talked and talked and talked. Since half people on the bus were either hungover or getting queasy from his driving, we just weren't feeling it. Things that Brad likes: - calling us attractive - trying to set up relationships - U turns (u-ies, did about 20, he counted) - Round a bouts (drove around one in circles FIVE TIMES, I took a motion sickness pill right after that one) - boobs - making people feel very, very awkward - names, he knew all of ours in 5 mins tops - Germans - etc. The first stop was Babinda. At this point I was practically still asleep and felt very nauseous. Saw too many large arachnids, lots of rainforest and some rapids Next stop: Josephine Falls. Waterfalls complete with rock slide. At this point we liked Brad more, probably because we were more awake and could handle his energy. The cool water made me feel like a new woman. On the way to lunch Brad had a game for us.. It involved putting a match in your teeth and passing a lifesaver candy around the bus using only the match (sorta like that suck and blow card game). He played romantic music in the background which made it hilarious. At this point the whole tour group was pretty well orientated with each other. After lunch we headed to Millaa Millaa Falls. The location famous for Pantene and herbal essences commercials as well as numerous music video appearances. Both tour guides made it their mission for every single person to get the perfect hair flip photo. Optional: do the hair flip naked. Zacadia choose this option. I was her personal cheerleader. V proud of her for freeing the nipple in front of 30 other people. Next was a lake which is nestled in a crater on top of an old volcano!! The water was like luke warm AKA so perfect. Goofed around a ton as well as leaped off a giant tree branch a couple times. Last but not least we stopped at a creek to find some PLATAPI. Still have not figured out if that is actually the plural form, just going with it. Others saw some pop up, but all I saw was a couple lil turtles. I did see a huge spider tho and I even touched it despite it's bad temper. Looking back I'm not exactly sure why I did that.. The bus ride back was a combination of a camp dance, karaoke and trying to not puke as we drove down the mountains. The road was very twisty. I thought Brad was just being silly when he said get ready for the 263 turns coming up. Nope. After he counted to 14 I realized the turns were actually numbered on the road 😵. Yep, we actually did them all. Keep in mind they were all after one another. Added a picture of a piece of the Gillies Highway. The day was one of my favorites by far. Got a lot of go pro footage of the craziness. Can't wait to share it all!!!
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