Ocean Grove, Australia - Polarsteps

Did the Melbourne Welcome Program, an orientation for study abroad students. We stayed on campus in Queens College (their name for dorm, although this dorm was a CASTLE). Some of the activities were really fun and others were kinda lame or just simply exhausting. They split us up into groups of about 10. Although the IFSA kids always seemed to find each other again and again. My O leader wasn't particularly found of Gabby, Ben and I for that exact reason. We always disappeared or were late or just didn't show up.. Here are some of the highlights: - beach day, complete with extreme sun burns on the Aussie newbs, surfing (killed it, entering the next comp), eating a veggie burger that I was told had no cheese but indeed had cheese (which was nasty... I officially could care less about cheese, it sucks), long bus ride chats with Gabe - napping through dinner then hunting down bananas in melb in order to not die during the bar crawl - formal dinner.. We really had no idea what to expect. But once we sat down at tables with cloth, cutlery all lined up nicely and FREE wine on the table we realized it was a bit of a bigger deal than anticipated. A few of the people in the group were even a bit wasty pants. The leaders and organizers of the program walk into the Queens College dining hall in ROBES!! Like a freakin graduation!!! The night even had a prayer and speeches.. My oh my. It was a great time. - the Down Unda party followed this. Aka the entire program dressing in anything and everything Australia, slapping the goon bag and pre gaming in the dorms like it was freshman year 2013 all over again! Headed to a bar and danced our asses off all night..
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