Freycinet, Australia - Polarsteps

Prayed and prayed that Gabe would roll into the parking lot in a van that was Automatic NOT manual. Luck just happened to be in our favor AGAIN... A bright blue automatic mommy mini van, all ours for 48 hours for just under $50 AUD each. Only took Gabe a few miles and a couple close calls to lock down the left side driving situation. He was a natural. Took a loooong drive up to Freycinet National Park to hike to the beautiful Wineglass Bay. Complete with many, many mosqui-qui and a few Wild wallabys. The beach was so beautiful. Took a longer but more flat route back. Came across another beach on the way back, we were the only ones there and the water was as calm as could be. Pure beauty. After the second beach we still had 2 hours of walking to do. Peter, Kenza, Em and I got far ahead of the group and told each other our craziest stories. It made the 2 hours feel like 30 mins. Stopped at a restaurant on the way back. Got eaten alive outside. Took off in the blue bullet. Another successful and fantastic day.
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