Tasmania, Australia - Polarsteps

Day 2 with the mini van adventure crew. This time we knew we needed one thing to take our travels to the next level. An auxiliary cord... Pooled $1 each and dropped sick throwback tunes all the way to Tasman National Park. The park is huge and had many, many hiking trails to choose from. We went with the Cape Hauy Track. A "4 hour return hike, 4.5 km each way, grade 3 difficulty". LIES!!!! Tasmania should redefine their definition of gradual incline. On the way out to the cliffs, we climbed a large amount of steps.. Like a 163 floors worth of steps. When we got to the top we saw what you may have seen on my snap story. The most intimidating set of stairs that made the last set look like toddler shit. Before we got to that set we had to go alllll the way down again. So basically this hike was stairs up then down then up then down then up and around a corner to the most beautiful look out point. Raced a few old people and a group of teeny boppers up there so we could mow our hummus and prepare our weak, tired bodies for the trek back. The way back was definitely a challenge. After the hell stairs were over, we had about 40 mins of chill paths so Peter told us more stories and before we knew it, we were reunited with our van. While hiking this beauty beast of a hike I realized that I am not as out of shape as I thought I was. Who ever the heck keeps telling people that our bodies need MEAT for protein, energy and muscle is full of CRAP. Plant power pushed me through every step. I honestly fell sad and bad for those who think they need to end other lives in order to live for themselves. End vegan schpeal. In summary, this hike was SPECTACULAR. Please, please if you know anyone going to Tasmania tell them this is the one to do. But don't tell them about the stairs.. It's better to not know what to expect :-)
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