Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Woke up at dawn after an alright slumber in the Juce. Took a scenic drive to Franz Josef glacier. A small hike brought us through the woods and over a river to the terminal face of the glacier. It was so beautiful. Long waterfalls ran down the mountain faces in every direction. It was a slight to see. Also very sad. The glacier is receding very quickly. Even since 2012 the scene is completely different. Blessed to have seen it and its beauty while it still exists. Next stop was Wanaka. Then onto Te Anau for tonight's sleep. Pretty rainy on and off again which made for a good driving day. Even just sitting in the car provides the most amazing scenery! Highlights of today: - Ben leaves pants on top of van. Wears grey tracksuit to dinner. RIP jcrew jeans - Solving every one of Petes ridiculous riddles - Drove on the wrong side of the road for a solid 30 seconds before noticing something was completely wrong TWICE. I proceeded to hand the wheel over after that one.. - Ben turns into papa Burkey - Jamie can't drive. Or make a joke. Or even speak without ridicule.. - Getting the biggest case of giggles before bed
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