Milford Sound, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Slept last night at Milford Sound Lodge which had spectacularly insane freakin beautiful mountains all around the camp ground. Jumped on a boat to take a tour of Milford Sound. Pure beauty. It's a inlet lake surrounded my huge mountains with waterfalls draping over the rocks in every direction. Our German friends were on the boat with us of course.. but this time we got complementary tea from the boat cruise so no need for stealing. Went in on that tea man, consumed like 9 cups. Caffeine overload. Since the rain was persistent we skipped the hike for today and turned it into a driving day. The scenery out of Milford is something else. There is a tunnel, Homer Tunnel, which is 3/4 of a mile long and goes through a very large mountain. Before entering the tunnel we stopped to look at the mountains surrounding us. We immediately were approached by our good friend the Alpine Parrot. But this time he brought the whole gang. A group of 5 starts waddling down the street. One lands on the top of Jucy. Another starts nibbling on my boot!!! It was a parrot take over. Headed towards Queenstown. Peter drove like a champ. Ben studied math in the back (slash slept) and I worked on a bracelet and took in the scenery. Did a few mini walks along the way; Mirror Lakes, the Chasm. Arrived in Queenstown and headed to their famous burger place, Fergburger. Pete ate Bambi and Ben had about 1/2 a cow on a bun. Falafel was dope. Dranks at Loco bar. Wifi at Starbucks to find a hike for the next day. Pete dies AKA passes out in Starbucks and continues to sleep until the morning. Ben and I searched the town for a place to freedom camp. Campsites are pricey af and we only ever stay for 7ish hours to sleep before hiking so we took the illegal route and risked the biscuit, parked on the street in a residential area. Highlights of the day: - Seals on the rocks in Milford - Four sisters waterfalls - Freshwater/ saltwater, deep water effect - Seeing the Germans everywhere we went - Parrot attack
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