AJ Hackett Bungy Nevis Bungy and Swing, New Zealand - Polarsteps

We awoke this morning with a sinking feeling in our stomachs. Today was the day that we planned to hurl our bodies off of a platform, hoping that some rubber bands would prevent us from splattering on the ground. We nervously ate breakfast and made our way to the pick up location. We were weighed in by the staff. Ben discovered that he had gained a little bit of weight while abroad. The big man weighed in at 235, this number prompted a lifestyle change which became apparent later that day. Peter came in at 155, a weight which he was very content with. I weighed in at a solid none of your business. We were then loaded onto a bus where the staff attempted to prepare us for the jump by playing pump up music. We dropped off the weaklings at the bridge jump and continued onto Nevis. We climbed some steep roads and finally arrived at our jump. As you stepped of the bus we caught a glimpse of the platform suspended above the gorge. We were strapped into our harnesses and then Ben and I were transported to the platform. Peter was left behind to comfort some of the more concerned jumpers. We arrived at the platform where Ben was immediately harnessed in. Before I realized what was happening Ben had taken his leap off the edge. The jumpers were done in order of weight so I was forced to watch 10 people jump before I was chosen. I was strapped in and stepped out onto the platform. The instructor began to countdown.. When he yelled bungee I only hesitated for a millisecond before leaping off the edge. The experience was incredible. The fear, the adrenaline, the wind rushing into your face...The feeling of free fall was the most exquisite and addicting felling I've ever experienced. When I returned to the top I was a changed woman. Peter, in his infinite wisdom, suggested that we do a second jump. There was no way I could refuse. Again we got strapped in and leaped off the platform. The second jump was worlds different than the first. The fear was gone and this time I was able to appreciate the fall. As we were preparing to leave the platform a gentlemen came wearing a bathrobe. Before we left Nevis we were treated to a man jumping off the platform in his underwear. We were then transported back to the shop where we purchased our pictures. When we sat on the bus we realized exactly how exhausted we were. The jumps had physically and mentally drained us. After we returned to queenstown, the boys were about to pay for a campsite for the night due to the fact that we were on the smelly side and could use a shower. They cancelled it mid transaction and decided we should drive over to Glenarchy in order to experience a bit of the Lord of the Rings areas, complete nerds. Known as one of the most scenic drives in the world, it was a great idea to head there while it was still daytime. We saw some beautiful scenery along the way, it was in fact so great it must have distracted some of the Asian tourists whom crashed their car into the guardrail, don't worry they did not cease the selfie stick action while the police checked out the damage. The three of us chugged alongside the beautiful lake all the way past Glenarchy into a v small town. Paid for a campsite in the tiniest town ever, Kinoch, before realizing that we should be camping in the national park nearby.. Went back into Glenarchy, bought some groceries then drive into the forests of Middle Earth, stopping at Diamond Lake but then we received word that they had taken the hobbits to Isengard. So we mustered our strength and made one final push, reaching Isengard by nightfall. Once we established camp, Peter and his squire went to the river to clean dishes for our meal. They returned to Jucy and we cooked ourselves a feast under the stars knowing it was our last night with our comrade Ben. After said feast we returned to the river front where we not only cleaned our silver wear but our own souls. We then retired in our humble fortress where we prepared for the battles to come. Highlights of today: - Obvs jumping off Nevis - Watching girls freak the f out on the ledge - Ben's second jump was to Bow Wow jam - The bucket hat beauty of a bungee worker - Ben running everywhere for the rest of the day. Including laps around Jucy - Peter being very satisfied with his weight. Good for you Pete - Scenic drive with the 3 musketeers all in the front - Matching pitch with the kettle whistle. Turned in to a purely spontaneous acapella moment
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