Christchurch, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Today was the final day of our amazing New Zealand journey. We spent some of the day in Chirstchurch trying to find non-tacky souvenirs and the rest cleaning out my babe Jucy and returning her to her home at the Jucy headquaters by the airport. It was an emotional goodbye with our love. Spent a substantial amount of time sitting in the airport before our late flight back home. Had a bit of a luggage situation but we got past the issue.. I pounded out like 3 bracelets while waiting and during the flight, it was pretty impressive I must say. By the time we were on the Sky Bus back to Melbs it was almost midnight and we were a new sort of exhausted. Though I had to muster the energy to go say goodbye to my fav Aussie whom was heading out the next morning. Who needs sleep, am I right? I will catch up at home. For right now, I just want to live it up for my last couple days in the amazing city. Blessed for the adventure that was New Zealand. I have always wanted to do a campervan trip and it honestly exceeded my expectations of awesomeness. I couldn't have asked for two better friends to go on this crazy adventure with. For having spent11 full days and nights never being more than 10 ft from Peter's side and not killing each other during or after... I mean that has to say something about our friendship. P B & J forever. xx
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