Passy, France - Polarsteps

Chamonix - Argentière - Vallorcine - Le Tour - Planpraz - Lac Vert Rather early we woke up and headed to Chamonix, straight to the church were they race starts. Brother is in the lineup waiting for his group to start. 6:00 am, the fast runners kick off, in a blink they turn left and we didn't see them anymore. The second group, where my brother is, starts at 6:07 am, and again, I can’t see him, but this time I decided to shot as much as possible, it turned out I got him on camera 😂 Not much later, we take the car and headed to the first meeting point, Argentière, here we wait for a little and soon he is there, rather fast, couple of shots and continue. Then onto Vallorcine, this meeting point I like it a lot, it’s a very steep path, where runners simply walk, even professionals can’t keep running. Here we wait him a bit longer while enjoying the valley vistas, almost into Switzerland. He arrives and seem to be doing great, way faster than past year. We left him continue and had a coffee. The next point is Le Tour, 27km of the race, and the heat it’s very noticeable, in fact, every runner wants to have a shower so people queue for those water barrels, brother comes a bit after and he seems to do great, at least he feels good, so there he goes. The last meeting point is the finish line, where the heat is unmanageable, after taking the cable car up to Planpraz, we walked a little further and wait. Finally, we see him in the distance, he doesn’t look as good as we saw him last time, he told us, his stomach didn’t let him run much, in fact, he vomited a few times on the way, whether cold water or something else did make him feel bad, we cheer him up, run the last meters next to him and gave him the final push onto the finish line! In the end, he goes for 44km, + 2500m, - 1500m and 7h 44 min. Bravo! Faster than the past year! In the afternoon we all had a nap, we were all exhausted. Then we went to Lac Vert for “sunset”. Well, clouds rolled in, brought a thunderstorm and we enjoy lightning and thunders, first at the lake, then at the viewpoint from the day before. Lastly, I tried to capture lightning without much success, yet I got a couple.
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