Chamonix, France - Polarsteps

Lac Vert - Plaine Joux - Chamonix Woke for sunrise and headed back to Lac Vert, looking forward to seeing that warm light painting the alps, didn’t happen. So I enjoyed the whole lake to myself, walked around, listened to the birds, watch the fishes jumping out of the water and so on. Then I headed to Plaine Joux, the light was getting better by the minute and decided to give a try a time-lapse. At the end from 5:20 awake I finished with the camera at 8, not bad. During day hours we had to check out one apartment to get into the other, it wasn’t ideal since the first apartment kicked us out at 11h and we had the checking in the other at 16h, in between we did some groceries and tried not to overheat under the pines while having a fresh beer and some lunch. Finally, we checked in, deployed all our belongings and headed for a hike, a viewpoint to a waterfall that can be seen from the city, the viewpoint wasn’t there so at least we exercise and had a nice view over the village. I storm was suppose to come at 17h, yet it was 21h and there was no storm, it had me mad I wanted to go to the mountains and camp out. I’m glad I didn’t, at 23h the thunderstorm came, strong wind and heavy rains brought, and if I had been out there in the tent, I would probably shit my pants. So no much after, tried to head to bed early and catch some sleep.
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