Chamonix, France - Polarsteps

Chamonix - Le Tour - L'Aiguillette des Posettes - Col des Posettes 14 km - 18.291 steps I was tired and decided not even try sunrise, yet I woke up almost at the same time and it was overcast. During the morning we didn’t go out, I stayed planing routes while checking weather conditions, finally, I found one I thought it could be nice and avoid some of the thunderstorms. In the afternoon we drove to Le Tour, a small village with an incredible view of the Glacier du Tour. We started the hike towards the L'Aiguillette des Posettes, steep path rounding the mountain with spectacular vistas to the Chamonix Valley, Le Tour and it Glacier and more. It was tough, carrying the tent, food and camera gear is heavy, but slowly I was getting better and made it to the summit. The 360-degree panorama heals all pain. The storm was in the distance yet we continue going down to the Col des Posettes, to me, it was very important, to have water close by, it had been a heated afternoon and we didn’t have much. Finally, I found a small stream of water, not very fresh, not very clean, but it would do. After that, we found a relatively straight grass field and set the tent, in the meantime, an outstanding sunset was all around, red cloudy skies surrounded by the mountains, is there any better way to call it a day. We had some kind of dinner, a beer, not too fresh, and I stayed watching the storm in the distance, until it was above me, switched off the camera, shit my pants and got in the tent praying not to have lightning close by.
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