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Col des Posettes - Lac de Catogne - L’Arolette - Tête de Balme - Albert Premier Hut - Chamonix 21 km - 27.344 steps The night was rough, raining all night long, and thunder all around, but I had a decent sleep in the tent. Woke up at 5:30 for sunrise, it wasn’t the best I’ve seen, but I enjoyed the peace out in the wilderness alone surrounded by mountains. An hour later my brother and his friend woke up, we had breakfast, pack the tent and started the hike of the day. First a lake in the Swiss side, pretty spectacular, not only the lake but the area. Then we summited a couple of peaks there, all doable, but some exercise is done. We had hiked already for a bit and headed a to a hut, enjoyed a couple of beers while resting for the rest of the day. Then onto the Glacier du Tour, in particular, the Albert Premier Hut, the path there, once again, breathtaking, the whole Mont Blanc massif in sight and hiking up to a hanging glacier. Here we had snow, of course, we are not prepared but we, with extreme caution, went up to the hut, there we rested again and enjoy the whole glacier from above, memorable. After a while, we headed down, and man! That was a very tough, very steep down path, started raining, continue hailing, then the sun, and then again the rain, so the path became slippery and very narrow, we all felt a few times, nothing too bad. And we all three were too tired at the end, but that hike down was difficult and some areas a bit dangerous. Glad we made it safe back home. Tonight I need some rest.
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