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Chamonix - Tré le Champ - Lac Blanc - Lacs de Chéserys 14 km - 17.813 steps I've got 8 hours of sleep and got re-energized for the day. Muscle pain is here though. The morning was very relaxed, stayed at the apartment editing some work from past days. And, preparing stuff for the night adventures. In the afternoon, a different story. Today I’m doing a solo hike. First, drive to the parking where to start the hike. This hike I did last year and to me is one of the best, that's why I'm coming back. The views are simply amazing, glacier after glacier, today no luck with mountains as there was a storm during the ascend. In fact, the same storm got me soaked and made me seek shelter under rocks on two occasions. I had, finally reached the first small lake and I see there is much more snow than last year, yet the path is clean. A bit of rain, some sun, and plenty of clouds, looks a promising sunset. Passed the first lake where I plan to camp and continue to Lac Blanc, a well-known spot in the area with a mountain hut, I'm not staying there, I do bring my personal hut. Looked around too much snow and decided to come down to the lake I thought it would be a good place for the night. I see from the top there are already at least 5 tents and they took my preferred spot. So at arrival, I need to seek another. Bit here bit there, I found mine, set the tent and straight running to capture the sunset with small puddle reflections. In the meantime had dinner and talked to some guys, they like photography too. After sunset, went to the tent to get more clothes and prepare the batteries for the night. The milky way is aligned with Mont Blanc!! Came back in the dark, and after few attempts, finally, I got the angle I liked, so another timelapse was set. Went to bed at 2 am, hope to wake up for sunrise.
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