Chamonix, France - Polarsteps

Lacs de Chéserys - Tré le Champ - Plan Praz - Le Brévent After 3h of sleep, bad sleep, I was everything by fresh. I had to wake up for this sunrise anyway. 5:35 am. I found stunning reflections around the puddles and lake, and the light was amazing! Here and there ended up having my kind of breakfast for these mountains, a couple of muesli bars, and a few cookies. An hour later, I started packing the tent, mattress, sleeping bag and so on. So at 7:30 ish started hiking down, I wanted to get fast to the apartment, so I was in a kind of trail running mode, of course, that twisted my right ankle in two occasions but nothing serious. Arrived at the car at 9 sharp, having walked already for 6km and - 950m down. Then I wanted to sleep, but for some reason, I couldn’t, so I kept working on editing images and preparing the afternoon hike. Call me crazy, but potential Milky Way over the Mont Blanc made the mountains call for another night out. 16:15, time to go. For this hike we cheated a little bit, we took the cable car to the first point, Plan Praz, and then hiked to the summit. As I mentioned before, the lack of sleep gave me a hard time, going up was terrible, pain in every muscle, I was nothing by tired. The Milky Way kept me going. We summited to Le Brévent, something last year we couldn’t do, and I was freshly happy. Found a few filmmakers from Arc'teryx who were recording with professional climbers in a scary wall down. Almost the sunset we had to find a place to set the tent. Unfortunately, the one that we saw during ascent was taken, so we had to seek another one. Found it, not the most optimal, but it was ok. Sunset was for the books, the light was on point and the sky turned into fire. Then I went to sleep for an hour. At 11:30 woke up to see the so expected Milky Way over Mont Blanc, well let me disappoint, the clouds had unfolded and the whole sky above the mountains was in clouds. On one side I was frustrated, on the other I was terribly happy I could sleep.
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