Chamonix, France - Polarsteps

Sunrise again here, quite beautiful with clouds over the mountains, red skies, and wonderful orange alpenglow. My sleep wasn’t that great, sleeping on the right side down made us all fall onto me, so we were moving quite a lot. It was chilly during sunrise and soon we started packing all the gear to our return down to the apartment. Still, we had to make some time for the cable car to takes to the village. Took that one a bit earlier and reached the apartment by 9:30. Time for washing machine, unpack, and in my case, going for a nap. Later, having rested a bit more, edited some pictures and went out for some shopping, although I didn’t buy a thing, Chamonix is truly a gem in terms of mountain stuff, all big brands have a store here and you can find everything from trail running, to skiing, as well as climbing or alpinism. In the afternoon, even though I had a second nap, my stomach wasn’t at its best. I believe lack of sleep and maybe drinking fresh water from the mountains. So no more hiking anymore, instead, a short walk around town. Which offers incredible vistas everywhere you look. As it’s our last day, we went out for dinner and enjoy a delicious pizza. The mood was down, so, I went to pack all my stuff for tomorrow day traveling home. It’s been a gorgeous week, I definitely love Chamonix area, there are infinite options to be in touch with nature, as well as for every person and difficulty level. I hope, I can return next year again en enjoy these beautiful moments again, maybe even get to higher altitudes.
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