Aqaba Qasabah District, Jordan - Polarsteps

Leaving Aqaba early as we had an hour drive to the desert, in which we would meet our guide for the next three days, two nights in Wadi Rum Desert. Arrived 10 min past 9 am, drink our first Bedouin tea/coffee and jump on the Jeep, a really cool 30-year-old Toyota Landcruiser. Since this moment, I was just mind blown. Even though I had big expectations for this place, it really surpassed them. It looks like Mars, the red sand, the white sand, the dunes and the haziness mixed with the rocky mountains. This is gorgeous. We visited some places worth mentioning, Red sand dune, a quite high dune that offers insane 360 view of the desert, a deep and narrow canyon that you can get inside, a couple of arches rock formation, small and big. When for me the day was already remarkable, we went to our little "cave" for the night, in which first, we could see an incredible sunset, and second, this was the coolest experience ever, sleeping under the stars, a million stars, milky way included. Wadi Rum so far it's been the most pleasant place in Jordan.
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