Wadi Rum Village, Jordan - Polarsteps

So after the night of million stars, I woke up with the sunrise, although I didn't take any pictures, I was just lying on my mattress waiting for the Bedouin breakfast. This place is so mesmerizing and charming that sometimes I just wanna stop doing anything, and be amazed by its pretty. So, breakfast finished, pack everything, get on our Landcruiser and head for a hike. 2 hour hike, not difficult but steep, and on the other hand, in my opinion, not the best time of the day, it was too hot with the sun just above us all the time. After that, looking for a place to eat, on our way our Jeep decided to stop, so until it was repaired we have almost an hour under the sun, always fun to feel the desert. Lunch is done, a quick nap, and headed to the camp where we are staying tonight, cool place too. Since our guide has to drop off four nice Belgian guys, we had a couple hours to spare, so we went back to the red sand dune top, and enjoy, just the two of us, another unforgettable sunset. Light is off, time to dinner, so we have that. And then the star shooting time commences for me. Although not as clear sky as the day before, the camp has also a nice milky way and million stars, there it goes my night.
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