Petra District, Jordan - Polarsteps

Exhausted. Very long day and incredible at the same time. Woke really early to start in Petra before the tourist, so 6:15 am we start walking through the Siq, the entrance canyon to the treasury. Although light isn’t great just yet, I feel it, this is gonna be simply astonishing, the rock color, the high of the canyon, the curves… and then, a glimpse of the treasury. That moment. Silence, harmony, we look at it frozen, I could just take a picture. Such an incredible place, this is Petra. The rest of the day, walking around the city, climb up some stairs to get the view from above, going all the way to the end of the city, looking for the monastery, and on the way getting a wonderful view of the royal tombs, the Byzantine church and so on. At 5 pm we exit the city, headed to the hotel, have a quick shower, dinner, and back to Petra. 8:15 pm, this time to see Petra by Night. Although it’s packed with tourist, the walk through the Siq surrounded by candles, it’s remarkable. That firelight against the red and pink of Petras rocks, it’s marvelous. Highly recommended, and for me, to capture the moment, It was just beyond belief. The clear sky, the treasury, the candles, the music… a unique experience.
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