Amman, Jordan - Polarsteps

Very much on the road today, but that's what a road trip should be right? We basically drove all the way through the route 35, aka Kings Hwy, not the fastest way to Amman, but I'm sure the prettiest. This road isn't called the Kings Hwy for anything, on the way we passed through amazing valleys, waterfalls, water dam, and thousands of turns going up and down. Driving here will never be boring, the opposite, incredible place with constant stunning views. Around 10 am we arrived at Ma'in Hot Springs, and even though, was full cause Friday here is the European Sunday, we were lucky to get in the luxury hotel pool, warm water to relax all muscles. Of course, we wanted to see more, but time didn't let us, so we stopped for lunch, and then back to Amman to drop off the Car. After that, the regular formalities and check in at the hotel. The evening we took it quite relaxed, going out late for dinner, and back to the hotel for some resting.
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