El Fuerte, Spain - Polarsteps

After skipping one year this tradition of going abroad for new years, everyone seemed happy to be reunited again. The destination for 2021 was no other than La Palma, and if you ask me, I was so excited to arrive just in time to see the active volcano. Well, that didn't go as expected and the volcano activity stopped a week ago. So I guess we will have to follow in-laws around this beautiful island. Have to admit today was rough. Woke up around 6 am, Alex, of course didn't like that and we had to bribe him with some not so healthy breakfast. Well at least we could get to the plane on time and no one's feeling was hurt. Excitement was real and none of us slept. Of course the little one simply fainted on arrival and again we had to go through the wake up call. This time we had nothing to bribe him with, put 8 min journey from airport-hotel was quite a noisy adventure. The swimming pool and beach calmed everyone down and off we went. Water was nice, and I was amazed to find all kind of marine life. In the afternoon headed around the village and sooner than expected we face the northern Europeans for dinner, truth is everyone was tired.
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